January 1, 2019

How To Capture & Connect With Potential Leads

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How To Capture & Connect With Potential Leads

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If you have a website, you hopefully also have traffic coming to your website. This is great! Except, the traffic isn’t converting… now we’re frustrated.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret to locking in potential customers faster – you need to connect with them. Whether it’s by email or phone, you need to capture that information and connect.


It’s really that easy. When you have that connection, that way in, you’re more likely to lock down the sale. There’s a reason why so many products out there claim to be the best at helping you connect to your client – it’s because everyone knows that connection is key.

So how can you connect with potential customers? Two ways, as mentioned above: Email and Phone.

First, email – the easier of the two. We know there are countless ways to capture emails, but are you doing it the most effective way possible? Potential clients want a reason to opt-in – are you giving them a good one? Here’s the thing, I’ve seen many businesses offering pamphlets or information about their product in exchange for the customer’s email (for example, “Receive our exclusive guide about said product when you subscribe today!”) – if it’s not doing it for you, it’s not doing it for them. How often do you actually find yourself subscribing to the websites that offer information about their product in the form of a guide?

Product information is already available on your website – you need to give them MORE. But what? Coupons and freebies are great options, and commonly used for websites that offer physical products. The first 5 chapters of your eBook is a good incentive if you’re selling a book. Offering a completely new and exclusive pamphlet or eBook that runs parallel to your product is also a great incentive. Point being – what can you offer your potential client that they can’t find anywhere else?

Once you have their email, make sure you continue to send information, resources, tips, tricks, etc. and NOT just a constant stream of product pushing. Constantly receiving product emails with sales and coupons is a great way to lose subscribers or become flagged as spam – ouch! So, don’t be a product pusher…

You captured your lead with engaging content, keep it up! Aim for your future newsletters to be equally engaging. A good rule of thumb that we practice here at Zarnelle:

75% Excel, 25% Sell

75% percent of our newsletters aims to excel – engaging content, resources, etc. We aim for 25% or less of sell – product placement, service offers, coupons, etc. This balance works for us, but you might find a higher or lower percentage of the two work better for you (for example, maybe the traditional 80/20 rule works for you, or maybe 95/5 works best. Try different variations to find one that works for you).

Second, phone – this one is a bit trickier, but it’s been found to be super effective. Many users are now opting in to SMS subscription services. Fantastic! But just like emails, these often get ignored (or blocked). The best way to connect via phone, get them to call YOU. Yes – it’s possible. Provide easy access for clients to connect with you on your website, especially via phone, and you’ve opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

Once you’re on the phone with your potential client you have a completely new (yet also very old) way to connect with your client. Today, it’s all digital – email, messenger, texts, etc. People are rarely picking up the phone. However, once you have them on the phone you have something unique that they’re unable to get anywhere else – YOU. Sure, they can get you over email and text as well, but there’s often a delay in response that can lead to frustration. Having you on the phone gives your client IMMEDIATE access to the information they want, allows you to connect with them and build a relationship you’re unable to build on any other avenue.

How do you get clients to connect with you?  Well, did you notice the little phone icon in the bottom right hand corner of this website? Yep, that one. That little gadget helps us to connect with you even quicker. Click that button, and within 40 seconds you’re connected to a live representative during our normal business hours. Best of all? Now clients don’t need to search online for your number, and the pop up makes it very convenient for them.

Want access to the app? Enroll in the app today, here, and get started! Yes, this is an affiliate link, but it’s a product we’re so sure you’ll love we had to share! Plus, we’re using it ourselves right here on this website! Also, notice what we did here? We provided useful, engaging content with minimal selling for a reason. We want you to receive value from our posts first and foremost, but a little sale here in there is always nice

So what are you waiting for, opt in to the plugin today and start receiving calls from your website!

Let us know – what tips and tricks do you have for capturing emails and phone numbers? We’d love to hear from you!


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