September 30, 2022

5 Marketing Trends to Implement in Your Business in September (2022)

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5 Marketing Trends to Implement in Your Business in September (2022)

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As we look ahead into the remaining months of the year, it’s important to consider the latest trends and styles in marketing. Just as you would use popular Reel audio to capture your audience’s attention, these trends can help to boost your appearance on social feeds, increase your engagement and even attract the eyes of new followers. Let’s talk about the latest trends of this month and how they can help your business’ marketing strategy.


If you’ve indulged in making Reels for your business (and if you haven’t, you might want to start thinking about doing it), then you’ll be glad to know that Instagram has officially announced that you can now boost your Reels, as well as turn them into ads.

This is a great way to get your brand discovered by new audiences and drive engagements on your content because once boosted, your Reels can be shown on multiple parts of the app including:

  1. Feed
  2. Stories
  3. Reels
  4. Explore Page

The only two things required to boost your Reels are uploading a video that is less than 60 seconds and making sure that it is a full-screen vertical (9×16 aspect ratio).

There are a few factors that prohibit your Reel from boosting, though. You may find them minor, but they could also potentially be annoying to some users in the future. As of right now, your Reel will be ineligible for boosting if you use any of the following:

  1. Copyrighted Music
  2. GIFs
  3. Interactive Stickers
  4. Face/Camera Filters
  5. Sharing the Reel to Facebook

Instagram for Business goes into more visual detail on how you can boost your Reels. Watch here to see how.


Facebook has taken on a new look.

Meta announced in late July that the app will be updating its Home feed format and it’s using its inspiration from another social platform many of us are already familiar with: TikTok.

Facebook has launched a “Feeds Tab” that you can access on the shortcuts tab at the bottom of the app. Here, you’re able to view posts from friends, groups, and pages in chronological order with one touch. This eliminates the ‘recommended’ posts often seen on the Home feed, which helps lean more into intent search-based advertising.

In regards to business, this new change could potentially affect the algorithm, in a good way. Your content will likely show up more on customers’ feeds and help new audiences find you when searching for keywords. Since they show in chronological order, posting at hot times can increase the chances of your posts getting seen as well.


Last month, LinkedIn introduced multi-media carousels to the app. Like Instagram, users can now share a series of swipeable photos and/or videos on Linkedin. This format allows the ability for content creators and brands to share valuable knowledge with their audience, from industry insights to offering solutions to challenges that customers face to stories and more.

These carousels also give businesses and entrepreneurs the opportunity to build stronger, trusting relationships with their audience by having face-to-face conversations and posting more digestible content.

With more apps offering the same way of sharing, your content will be able to be cross-posted on other platforms, making more use of your time. So, if you’ve made carousels on Instagram before, they can be reused on LinkedIn as well. This increases your visibility and introduces your content to an entirely different audience.


Three-dimensional (3D) effects are becoming increasingly popular in web design. These effects can add depth and dimensionality to your website, making it more immersive and engaging for visitors. Depending on your product or service, adding a 3D effect to your website can create a fun and enticing customer selling journey.

Hovering over links, bubbles popping up and interactive graphics are just a handful of the multitude of ideas you can incorporate into your website. Be sure to seek a graphic designer that is familiar with these types of features to help you create the effect you envision.


Your logo is the visual foundation of your brand. It’s how your customers recognize you and is one of the first impressions you make on newcomers. Companies are now making sure their logo is fully adaptable for multi-platform viewing so that it conforms to the platform for ease of use.

The benefit of designing logos that can easily shapeshift is that it provides visual variety for your audience while allowing you to maintain consistency in your branding. So, people can see any variations and instantly recognize your brand, regardless of the platform or layout on which your logo is viewed.

Go for it

Keeping up with the latest marketing trends doesn’t have to be hard – some of these new features can actually make sharing content easier and more accessible to your audience. Give them a try the next time you are thinking about upgrading your systems to call in more clients through your website’s design or increase your engagement on your social platforms. Who knows, maybe even one of these trends will end up being your favorite!

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