October 25, 2021

Big Investments Into Your Business Are Scary

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Big Investments Into Your Business Are Scary

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Last week, I dropped $15k into my business. 😱

I’m not going to paint a pretty picture and say that dropping that much didn’t make me bat an eye, because the reality is even after racking up multi-six figures in revenue in my business this year, the thought of dropping that much money is still absolutely terrifying to me. In fact, I got to say hello to my frenemy Morgan (that’s what I named my imposter syndrome 😂, nothing personal to all the Morgan’s out there) the millisecond after I submitted that payment.

Immediately I was overwhelmed with thoughts of… can I sustain this? is what I’m offering really of value? can I truly help others? You might recognize some of these thoughts…even business owners that have been in the game for over 15 years still struggle with good ‘ole fashion imposter syndrome from time to time.

While I was still in the heat of the moment, giving myself a pep talk and trying to pump myself up to tell Morgan to shut it, a little *ding* came through…

Hey Aly, I really appreciated our call together. It helped me so much with brainstorming and trying things in a new perspective. So helpful! You’ve also been inspiring some recent tiktoks that people have enjoyed. I wanted to check in – is there a way for me to write a review for you somewhere?

Vindication! OK imposter syndrome – away with you!

Know You’re Not Alone

In those moments you find yourself face-to-face with Morgan (or whatever you’ve decided to name your imposter syndrome), remind yourself why you’re doing this. Which is what I had to do in the moments of panic following that hefty investment into my business. I had to remind myself that I was investing $15k into my business because…

I truly believe in the value of what I’m offering. Point blank.
With 15 years experience under my belt, a soon-to-be master’s degree in marketing (hello December!), and my own thriving business smashing over $200k in revenue in 8 months, I believe in my worth and expertise, and I wanted the support to help show others the value they’ll be getting when they work with me.

I’ve heard and seen the results, and I have the testimonials to back it up.
In this year alone, I’ve helped over 30 women grow and scale their business by understanding what marketing is and how to leverage a unique strategy for their business, and with the right support, I hope to reach and help even more women in the future grow to $5k, $10k, and beyond per month in their business.

I say all of that not *just* to toot my own horn (though, I love a good horn tooting sesh and will totally cheer you on if you want to toot away as well!), but to point out that everyone is scared when it comes to business. Risk is scary. Heavy investments are scary. Visibility is scary. Vulnerability is possibly the scariest of them all. But to overcome the fear and shine on the other side we must first push through and believe in our value and worth.

What Can You Do Instead?

So in those moments of fear and battling with imposter syndrome, I’ve adopted a chant for myself. You’re welcome to use these as your own, or modify them to make them fit for you ❤️

  • My feelings are valid but they’re not facts.
  • I deserve to occupy the space I’m in.Failure is not fatal, it’s a learning lesson.
  • I am worthy of the good things coming my way.
  • Imposter syndrome is a sign that I’m on the verge of a breakthrough.

So much love,

P.S., While this isn’t a sales email, if you’re curious to know what that $15k investment was for, it was ramping up the De•Coaching 5.0 launch, which is going to be bigger and better than ever! You can pop your name on the waitlist right here if you want in. And when you do, you score $1500 OFF when the program kicks off in November. 😉

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