September 21, 2022

Hot Hack for Finding Your Ideal Client

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Hot Hack for Finding Your Ideal Client

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Oftentimes, clients will come to me asking how they can be doing everything yet still feel like they aren’t getting anywhere in their business. They are constantly creating content with no response, having to slide into the DMs will take on any client just because they need work.

After almost 10 years in the business coaching industry, I have seen this time and time again. Now, I could talk strategies and marketing until I am blue in the face, but it all comes down to knowing who your ideal client is.

Here’s a hint: It’s NOT everyone.

In fact, your ideal client should be someone that you could see yourself working with more than once. Those people who believe in your offer, your values, and your messaging. The hype you up, eager to work with you, pay your rate clients!

But identifying who that person is can be challenging if you’re struggling to make those connections in your messaging. Maybe you’re shifting your offer or redefining your brand or maybe you just have no idea who the heck your ideal client is. Zoning into who your ideal client will make all the difference in how you show up in your business.

So, with that being said, let’s dive into my ‘hot hack’ for finding your ideal client.

The Hot Hack

Whether you’ve been doing the business thing for a while or just jumping into the online space, having a good grip on your ideal audience is crucial for putting your offer out there. Otherwise, you’re likely wasting a lot of time pushing content out that isn’t aligning with the right people, which is a lose-lose for both because:

1. You could use that time for other important things (like family, hobbies, or traveling)


2. Your dream clients can’t find you because your messaging isn’t reaching them

There is a big difference between working consistently and working efficiently. If you feel the weight of needing to constantly create content because you aren’t seeing results, then it’s probably time to work on redefining those dream customers.

One thing I do with my clients when they have this problem, especially during the Hot Seat group coaching calls, is an exercise that helps them identify their audience without even needing to dive into the details yet. This practice, or Hot Hack as I like to call it, is really simple; you can do it right now from wherever you’re at in your business.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Start by thinking about everybody you’ve worked with in your business. From potential clients, leads, family members – anyone that has come into your orbit in some way within your business.

Step 2: Now, with all of these people in mind, who is the first person that you immediately think of when I say, “I wish I had ten more of this person.”

That person you thought of? That’s your ideal client right there. Because that’s the person you wish you had more of. That’s the person you wish you could continue to serve at a higher capacity.

And you already know this person! You know:

  1. What their pain points are
  2. What their positive points are
  3. What their current problems are
  4. What their needs are
  5. What results or wins they have had

Knowing a lot about your ideal client will make honing in on your messaging a lot easier for you. Now, this is just one ideal client. In reality, you’re probably going to have multiple avatars, but this is a great way to get more clarity surrounding your audience.

If you haven’t yet, I also suggest creating a customer profile for these ideal clients. Think of this as a cheat sheet of the person you want to work with. And get into detail with it!

Start with the basics:

  1. Inventory the characteristics of this person, their lifestyle, their spending or shopping habits. Score offers a list of characteristics you need to help identify your audience.
  2. Then, fill in their problems and what they are struggling with right now.
  3. Lastly, write down the ways that you can enhance their life, provide them with value and offer a solution to their problem.

Answer these questions:

  1. What can you teach your audience?
  2. What do they need to understand and feel to work with you?
  3. How can you help solve their problem?

There are a lot of templates you can use to create your audience avatars. Zeroing in on your target audience will easily allow you to create a messaging strategy that feels more authentic and effective for reaching the right people.

Answering Your Questions

This is just one of the questions I often answer in the Hot Seat group coaching calls. These high-touch calls are the best way to get insight into what is working (or usually isn’t working) within your business and what immediate actions you can take to get better results that save you time and money.

This isn’t your ordinary group coaching call, either. I purposefully only select a few callers (8 total) to hop into these each time. No more rushing around the table to only get to your question with 2 minutes left on the call. This way, each person receives an honest, genuine assessment of their marketing tactics and actionable steps needed to drive them forward.

If you’re interested in hopping into an upcoming Hot Seat call, click here to save your spot.

They do exist

Your ideal client does exist Even more, they are definitely out there looking for YOU! Discovering who lights your fire will be your ticket to a better messaging strategy.

Start thinking about who that could be and how you can present your offer to them. If it’s still unclear or you have more questions, join in on our next Hot Seat call to get answers and clarity.

Grab your Hotseat spot here!

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