February 1, 2019

Marketing Is Not A Quick Fix & The Problem With Viral Marketing

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Marketing Is Not A Quick Fix & The Problem With Viral Marketing

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I have a problem. It’s a big problem. It’s a problem that requires a ton of effort and time, but I want it done in half of that. Plus, it’s a problem I want resolved yesterday. That’s a realistic request, right? Eh… not so much.

Marketing often gets a bad rep, and typically it’s because there’s a lack of understanding on what exactly marketing entails. Whether you’re a marketer or hiring a marketer, please understand one thing:

Marketing is NOT a quick fix

Implementing techniques today to provide your business with better leverage in the future is fantastic – but keep in mind that the chance of seeing overnight success is rare. I’m not going to say it’s impossible, but it’s also very unlikely for most new businesses to see success after 24 hours of implementing a new marketing strategy.

Sure, there are ways you can achieve overnight success, such as Viral Marketing. Create something edgy, engaging, and eye catching, then encourage others to share and share often, and you just might see that overnight success. However, this is not the only strategy you should focus on when building your brand or business.

Viral Marketing tends to fizzle out just as quickly as it got it’s start – it may not be the best strategy for long term growth.

Before you get into yet another screaming match with your marketing team (or yourself), make sure that the expectations you set are realistic. Take a look at your past success and growth, plug in the numbers, and build a forecast that takes into consideration the possibility of failure. Not to discourage you, but it is a very real possibility that every business is faced with. Does this mean you should give up now? Hell no. It just means you should ground your expectations so you don’t immediately set yourself up for failure. See the difference?

When you set realistic expectations and goals, you’re more likely to achieve success. When you set unrealistic goals and expect overnight success, you’re setting yourself up for failure. And nobody like’s to feel like a failure – right?

On the other hand, if you’ve hired a company or individual to handle your marketing, make sure your expectations of them are also realistic. Experts in the industry strive to set realistic goals with their customers – but customers don’t always return the favor, expecting results within minutes. It just doesn’t work that way.

Most successful campaigns need, at a minimum, 24-48 hours of run time. The campaign is then reviewed on an ongoing basis and tweaked as needed. These tweaks may be minimal and take only minutes, or the whole campaign may need to be revamped and an hour or two later you’ve got a revised and improved campaign. This whole process may take days or it may take months to find the sweet spot for your business. If you are concerned at any time, don’t hesitate to ask your marketer to send you the latest report with a breakdown of the results to date. These reports are easy to generate and a quick email or phone call to alleviate your worry is not asking too much, ever.

Just remember, above all else: Good marketing takes time. If you want a solution that will last and help build your brand up in the long run, set realistic expectations and goals, but don’t be afraid to ask if you think something is amiss.

Ready to hire a marketer or looking for consulting/training? You’re in the right place! Send us an email and let’s get started!

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