September 1, 2018


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Starting a business? Here are 5 tips to help you before you begin:

  • Save the name for last if you need to.
    In the beginning you’re still developing and growing, and you may not be 100% sold on your brand name. That’s fine. What’s not fine is rebranding five times BEFORE you finally land on one you love. This winds up confusing your community, kills your SEO, and just causes an overall mess. So save the name for last if you need to.
  • Research, research, research.
    Research products, reviews, laws, restrictions, materials, etc. You may discover legal items that need to be addressed before you can start your business. In addition to researching legal areas, make sure you fully research products you plan to sell. Will you be doing drop-shipping or direct sales? Will you be carrying merchandise manufactured by someone else or will you be creating your products yourself?
  • Be prepared.
    There are a lot of factors to consider when launching your business, such as the ones outlined in the above bullet, make sure you’re fully prepared to handle them. If your business skyrocketed in sales overnight, could you handle it? On the flip side, are you mentally prepared for the journey you’re about to take (both the ups and downs)?
  • Separate work from home.
    When building a business make sure you form a designated spot in your home for work. Here’s the important bit of this bullet: Keep. Work. There! Do not bring your work into other aspects of your home. Another consideration: Keep your work OUT of your bedroom space. In a home where space may be limited, you may be tempted to put a desk in your bedroom and call it your office. The issue with this is we turn a space that’s supposed to be our “sanctuary” or “zen” room into an area of anxiety. It becomes habit to walk into that room, see your “office” space, and immediately click into work mode when you should be winding down for bed. This energizes the space and keeps your mind energized as well, taking away from your slumber. If you must have your office in your bedroom, separate it with a curtain, screen, etc. so there is a distinct line of where work ends and zen begins.
  • Take time for yourself.
    It’s easy to become caught up in your business and forget about yourself. For this reason, one of my biggest recommendations is to pencil time into your busy schedule each day for yourself. This could be an hour towards the end of the day where you finally power down your computer and cell phone, or perhaps attend a yoga class a few times a week. Whatever it is that brings you joy, just make sure you make time to enjoy it.

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