October 14, 2022

Surprising Trends in the Coaching Industry that Point Toward Massive Growth

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Surprising Trends in the Coaching Industry that Point Toward Massive Growth

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We can always expect the coaching industry to change over time, especially in the online arena. Sometimes, though, there are those newer, more subtle trends in this space that we don’t always see coming but are imperative for taking your business to the next level. I’ve taken notice of these shifts and have seen the impact they can have on building client relationships and the future of creating content.

I’ve narrowed down the top 5 surprising trends in the coaching industry right now so that you can take advantage and start implementing them into your business today. So, here they are!

More coaches are seeking additional education

Because the coaching industry as a whole isn’t regulated, there’s definitely a natural push amongst coaches to seek out additional education and credentials. The pandemic absolutely shifted coaching into the mainstream as people scrambled to cope with either the social distance or being laid off.

Right now according to the Certified Coaches Alliance, specialization in a unique coaching space helps coaches command higher rates and more exclusive packages for their clients.

We’re seeing empathetic and relationship-building content thrive

One of the biggest shifts we’re seeing in the coaching industry is the aspect of leading with feminity. So often we see the typical masculine style of marketing that revolves around the strengths of strategy, sales, and confidence but are lacking real, trusting connections with clients. And while this side of doing business is still important for growth, it can often leave a bad taste in your mouth because it feels pushy or sleazy.

Because of this, we’re seeing more content that comes from a place of integrity and authenticity. Honing into your feminine energy allows you to build stronger connections with your ideal clients and evolve your business into the empire you dream of. There’s a great podcast called “3 Keys to Building Your Business the Feminine Way” by Julie Foucht, where she gives some tips for tapping into your divine feminine power and leading a soul-led business.

This is also why I created the De•Coaching program. In this container, I offer the process of blending both the masculine side of strategy and action with the feminine side of relationship building and nurturing. If you’d like to learn more about this community of fierce business leaders, click here to book your FREE introductory call.

Coaches are relying more and more on content creation for attracting customers

Circling back to the Certified Coaches Alliance, content marketing will be the leader in segmenting and differentiating the many coaching niches that exist. Creating meaningful, valuable content allows you to share your story, reach new clients, and broadcast your expertise all at once!

One of my personal favorite things about content is how aligned it can be with your promotions, offers, and upcoming launches. Sure, you could just post when you feel like it, but that is not the best way to attract real, sustainable growth for the long term.

Prospective clients want to feel connected to you before they even consider investing in you or your programs. Content marketing lets you plan out your message and make your voice crystal clear to reach those leads, unlike any other marketing method.

Coaching is becoming more prevalent in corporate settings

There’s a unique benefit post-pandemic that I’m seeing in the corporate space. With more and more companies itching to get their workforce back into the office after the whole remote working revolution, they’re leaning into the coaching industry for offering unique benefits to their workers:

According to a Forbes global survey, “After the pandemic broke out in 2020, one global survey asked workers what benefits would be most valuable to them in the future. More than half listed professional development and coaching within their top three.”

Coaching is being recognized more and more as a value to everyone. And with personal and professional growth or development on corporate workers’ radar, there’s a clear shift upward for coaching in corporate!

The amount of niches is ever-expanding

Coaching is an almost limitless, ever-expanding industry. Outside of the most popular niches like business coaching and life coaching, I’ve seen more and more niches break out with so much growth and success.

Luiza Zhou lists out 100 niches in this post, but here are some examples:

  1. Life skills coaching (stress, confidence, intimacy, etc.)
  2. Family coaching (parenting, ADHD, birth, etc.)
  3. Life transition coaching (grief, divorce, retirement, etc.)
  4. Leadership coaching (CEO, executive, etc.)
  5. Health coaching (sleep, running, wellness, etc.)
  6. Skills coaching (language, singing, writing, etc.)

The beauty of coaching lies in the flexibility, freedom, and fluidity of its expansive niches. Virtually anything can have its own niche and audience.

If you’ve ever thought that coaching is a dying industry, here are just a few trends pointing toward thriving growth. If you’ve felt called to be a coach but you’re unsure about where exactly to get started, you need more than a mindset – yep, even more than clarity – to really build a business that supports your goals. You. Your family.

There might not be such a thing as a successful business-in-a-box ready to go from day one, but this isn’t rocket science, either. I’m holding a space for coaches, business owners, and all those of you who still call yourself “aspiring” entrepreneurs.

The De•Coaching container is ready for you. There’s still some time left to join us inside. Will I see you there?

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