July 26, 2023

Top Coaching Trends to Watch Out For In 2023

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Top Coaching Trends to Watch Out For In 2023

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What you talk about and share online could actually make you money – as a coach! Online coaching is an ever-growing industry with so many opportunities everywhere you look. From showing others how to overcome stress and change to teaching you how to attract more money, there is a coach out there for everyone.

When I jumped into the coaching realm, I already had a ton of corporate experience. But there are plenty of people with different backgrounds and stories that they are sharing and helping others achieve success in their lives. I’ve noticed some recent trends showing up more in the online coaching space, and I’m here to share them with you and tap into why they are growing!

Whether you’re looking to possibly jumpstart your own unique coaching business or are looking to invest in a coach yourself, here are a few of the latest coaching trends I’ve seen so far:

Mindset Coaching

According to Evercoach, over 81% population of the US alone faced mental stress due to the pandemic. This is an excellent opportunity for those with a background in mental health (such as psychologists and psychiatrists) who are looking to step away from the mainstream health career and focus on their own niche of clientele. With so many apps like BetterHelp and Headspace and Teledoc, more and more people are making their health a priority because they can do some of it online.

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual coaches help their clients to build deeper connections within themselves and the Universe as a whole. This can be amazing for those who want to find their purpose in life and learn how to attract these things.

I’m a firm believer in receiving the energy you put out there. I talk about the importance of blending both masculine and feminine energy in my teachings inside the De•Coaching space. By engaging in this process, one can find the answers they are looking for and live a more fulfilling life. And for someone who knows almost nothing about spirituality but wants to take on this journey, a coach can help you to set goals and work towards them. This can be a beneficial way to achieve spiritual growth and find fulfillment in your life.

Spiritual coaches are often one with the ‘woo’ and are very empathetic towards their clients. If you think you could support others on their spiritual journey, this might be the coaching space for you to jump into!

Wealth Coaching

Okay, who wouldn’t want to learn about making more money? A wealth coach studies one’s habits and knowledge of wealth and financing and gives them advice and intentional action steps to work towards their financial goals.

This has become popular in the world as a whole — especially when times are tough. Money guides the majority of behaviors throughout our lives. If you’re living through this inflation, you probably know how it feels to be stressed about money.

Jumping into wealth coaching could have prosperous benefits (pun intended) for anyone that’s good with budgeting and spending. Think about the value that you could bring to the table in the coaching space and work to leverage that!

Career Coaching

With the rise of unemployment, career coaching has become a huge help for people looking to work remotely or seeking new career options. They help with a variety of career-related topics including:

  1. Career planning
  2. Resume building
  3. Interviewing
  4. Negotiating/Sales
  5. Work/Life Balance
  6. Networking

…And so much more.

They are professionals who know and have an understanding of growing job fields, using LinkedIn as a resource and connecting professionals together. Executive career coach, Linda Raynier, shares 6 Things to Look for When Hiring A Career Coach in one of her Youtube videos.

The online coaching atmosphere continues to be proven successful and with so many changes happening within our communities, there is no better time to look into launching your online coaching business than now! With the right support and strategies in place, you can still follow your passion and have the career you desire in the ways that feel best for you — whether that’s working from wherever you want, being your own boss, or being able to start your work at 10 a.m.

And I’m here to help you do just that!

The De•Coaching container is for coaches + service providers ready to launch and scale their heart-centered online business. In this space, you will learn the actual skill sets you need to truly transform your digital presence. I’m giving you the things I’ve used to help multi-6-fig businesses and $100k launches including:

  1. A system to create consistent recurring revenue so that you feel empowered to keep creating
  2. A unique strategy that feels aligned with your values so that you show up confidently
  3. A powerful sisterhood + community of fellow emboldened entrepreneurs so that you never feel alone in your journey

If you’re ready to take the leap and shift into your role as an online business owner, explore the container and see how a coach can help you.

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