December 9, 2022

Trends in the marketing space

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Trends in the marketing space

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The world of marketing is a vast and ever-changing industry. Between updates on social media platforms to different ways to make money, there are always new opportunities for online business owners to use in their marketing strategy.

It can be easy to get lost, though, especially when you’re likely doing so many other things on top of trying to keep up. Fret not, because I have done my research when it comes to the latest trends in marketing and I’m here to share the 7 newest ones to look out for in the remaining months of the year.

Let’s dive in!

1. Maybe hold off on ads for a minute while some things are getting sorted…

Businesses are opting for other ways to market their app since Apple released its new privacy setting, App Tracking Transparency. This setting requires applications to ask permission if they want to track your activity for purposes of tracking across apps and websites.

Apple also recently updated its App Store tax settings to require iOS developers to use in-app purchases. This greatly affects Meta specifically because it would give Apple 30% of any sales made on boosted posts (important to note if you ever use the Boost button inside the Instagram app). This doesn’t directly affect marketers and brands necessarily, but it does make you question the integrity of the company and effectiveness of your ads. Plus, if you’ve noticed recently that platforms are pushing you towards the desktop version of their ads managers (or app purchases in general), now you know why.

It might be a good idea to consider pausing mobile paid advertising and instead lean more on traditional tactics like email marketing, affiliates, and content marketing, or switch to the desktop version of ad platforms. That said, one thing we’re seeing with ads right now is the audience size is way too broad and it’s difficult to bring that down as Meta reduces the categories and fields you can use to target your audience. All in all, this one definitely needs further researching before confidently being able to say that the ad quirks are worked out.

2. Elon Musk has purchased Twitter – What does that mean for you?

If a little birdie (pun intended) hasn’t told you yet, Elon Musk, business mogul and investor, has officially acquired the social media platform. The $44 million deal took place last month after he tried getting out of his first offer back in May. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO has big plans for Twitter’s future, some of which have already taken place including firing multiple head honchos of the company.

A few of the changes we may see going forward include:

  1. Fewer limitations on free speech – Elon Musk has openly voiced his concerns about the policies and Safeguards. For marketers and entrepreneurs, this does mean the possibility to share more without feeling micromanaged by the Twitter police.
  2. Expansion of usability – Musk has mentioned the idea of expanding the space for more than sharing information and opinions and instead, becoming a platform that holds multiple businesses, from shopping to payments to gaming. This could be a massive way for small businesses to increase revenue and brand recognition on one of the biggest apps to ever exist.

3. Instagram is testing “Reel Topics” 

Reels have singlehandedly taken over the feeds of IG users in the last year. Instagram continues to add ways to help users find content that aligns with their interests. A new Reels feature called ‘Topic’ tags is being tested to allow creators to categorize Reels into different topics in hopes to help the algorithm and put more emphasis on SEO. 

So what does this mean for hashtags and how will this help you grow your account?

  1. Topic tabs could help better categorize recommended posts for audiences in your niche and who are interested in your services and offers.
  2. It may also give more Instagram control, so it will be a learning curve to better understand if it’s as resourceful as it’s intended to be.

Speaking of Reels, if you’re not currently using them, consider this a gentle nudge to start – Facebook reports that over 140 billion Reels are watched daily. It’s safe to say that video isn’t going anywhere and if you can find a way to incorporate it into your marketing, there is no better time to jump in.

Here are a few ways you can start making Reels:

  1. Make a batch of content all at once. No one cares if you’re wearing the same outfit in three of your videos, just get the content out there!
  2. Find trending audio that best suits your brand. You don’t have to use every audio out there if it’s not your thing.
  3. Be yourself! Have fun with it and try not to take it too seriously.

4. TikTok serves opportunities for users old and new

TikTok has rolled out a new “photo mode”, which looks eerily similar to Instagram’s Carousel functionality. The biggest difference is that users will have the option to add music and sound to these carousel posts.

If you’re new to the TikTok scene, this could be a great time to dip your toes in. Hootsuite says, “Photo mode may present a low-stakes opportunity for video-shy social media marketers to start experimenting with TikTok content.”

Not only this, but TikTok also launched its new Pulse program – where creators and brands can earn up to 50% of the revenue from their content. Entrepreneurs should be watching this as a profitable space to be in.

5. New interfaces across platforms

Just about every major social platform has gotten a lift lately. Did you peep the new interfaces for IG (desktop), Facebook (now Meta), and even TikTok (take a look at the new Desktop Live layout, and there’s new functionality in the mobile app)? It’s important to note these updates so that you can feel comfortable using your apps in a more efficient way for your business.

6. Peek the most recent look for YouTube

With video being the most competitive feature in the market, Youtube is refreshing its look and accessibility for its users. To make its videos easier to access, some of the things you can expect to see include:

  1. Share, subscribe, and like buttons will be getting a newer design and shape to create fewer distractions
  2. Color treatments are being done to the app to better enjoy content like Ambient and Dark modes.
  3. Gain more control with updated video features that allow users to zoom in during videos and use precise seeking to find a specific time in a video.

Entrepreneurs will want to take advantage of these changes when creating longer video content for their audience as the response to Youtube’s efforts has been overwhelmingly positive.

7. Pinterest isn’t dead – might it even be making a comeback?

The infamous idea-sharing platform has big plans to debut new features that will potentially spark interest in a lot of users, the first being the launch of its new API for Conversions to make the shopping experience for buyers more engaging and enjoyable.

Pinterest has also recently partnered with multiple new record labels, including Warner Music Group — insinuating that it will now be an even stronger competitor of TikTok. The announcement of the “Idea Pins” feature allows pinners to include music in their content.

This idea has also been expanded to advertisers, so small businesses will have the opportunity to utilize this feature to increase engagement and views. The app itself has seen a rise in revenue — jumping a whopping 8% to $684 million in its third-quarter this year.

Don’t knock using this app off your list just yet!

It’s always good to know the latest trends in marketing regardless of what industry you are in. Business leaders are always one step ahead of the rest. From reaching your target audience to closing more sales, use these top trending tools and tips in your marketing to take those next steps toward your business goals.

Until Next Time!

P.S. The De•Coaching group container was made for you if you are trying to understand how to implement these trends into an effective strategy. Here, you will learn the actual skill sets you need to truly transform your digital presence. I’m teaching you the strategies I’ve used to help support million dollars brands and $100k launches. Learn more about the program here and how you can get on the waitlist. 

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